Augmented Reality and Landscape Architecture

This project was a proof of concept that was created and presented to various landscape architecture firms. Augmented reality is when a computer or mobile device's camera is used to view virtual content overlayed on the real world. I used the Junaio augmented reality platform to accomplish this project. The end result is that a user can hold their mobile phone on a site, scan a marker with their phone, and see a virtual model of a piece of architecture that has not yet been built or an information overlay. Below you can see screenshots of the various aspects of the Junaio iPhone app and the models and system I created and implemented.


Below you can see the three models I created listed first in the list. The models were created using Google sketchup.


Below are the main pages to view each of the three model overlays.


Below is a screenshot of what the "Soil Quality" overlay looks like layed on top of the site- as viewed from an iPhone 4's camera.


I also created a way for visitors to the site to leave feedback on the virtual models and vote on which one they liked best. See below.