image1 is a portfolio and blog site that I designed for budding landscape architect Stephen Ulman. It features Drupal as the content management system behind all the data on the site. The client needed a solution that allowed him to add portfolio items in an easy to use interface, as well as blog and accept comments from the public on each blog post. I designed the site to allow the client to easily add a portfolio item through an adminitration menu and I added a blog that can also be easily administered from that same menu. The client has full control over the comments and if they are approved or disapproved.


I used a piece of jQuery called isotope to create a very unique display of the clients portfolio and blog items. When you click on a sort button, all of the items will quickly re-sort and move around on the page in a sleek animation.


The website also has a completely responsive layout and will adapt to a web browser of any size, including mobile phones. Below you can see the site in its various states of transition.


The client also wanted to showcase his photography so I created a random background generator that displays a fullscreen version of his photos as the page background.